INS'HACK - lsEasy - PWN 75

09/04/2017 | by 0xm4v3rick | tags : pwn

I gave a try to one of the CTF events happening over the weekend - INS'HACK. This is a walk-through for one of the challenges. The challenge was pretty straight forward as I was aware of the technique to be used here, but there was small issue to sort out.

Challenge …

The Return of the King to become the lord of the R00t

27/01/2017 | by MVnD3X | tags : boot2root, vulnhub

This post is a walk-through for a VM “Lord of the Root” from vulnhub. The interesting thing about this post is that along with the solution, this post will also focus on different approaches I tried and the hindrances I faced while trying those approaches. So, let the hacking begin …

Bringing Droopy To Life

30/10/2016 | by 0xm4v3rick | tags : boot2root, vulnhub

Hi there!!!
It was time to deal with Droopy VM hosted on Vulnhub. It was interesting in many ways and made me learn some important things. Here are the things I tried to get root on the VM. My attacker kali box was set to

Once …

Bursting the nebula | level00-level04

11/10/2016 | by 0xm4v3rick | tags : privilege escalation

This post is a walk-through for a VM from exploit-exercises called nebula. It includes some interesting privilege escalation challenges. This is the first post in the series of 4 posts that I am planning to write and involves walk-through for level00 to level04.

So let’s begin by booting up …

How I Cracked Your Challenge (Coding Challenge 1)

02/10/2016 | by MVnD3X | tags : python

Hello World!!!

This post is about solving one simple CTF challenge from RingerZer0. This is the first challenge from the coding section named hash me please, where in we have 2 seconds to hash the displayed message using sha512 algorithm and send the answer back to the server using the …

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